Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1946(?) Ford Tow (and Push) Truck

Matt Z posted these shots of an old Ford tow truck. It was clearly used to push as well as tow, given that massive front push…device. I’m not sure what that thing is made of, but it’s pretty impressive. Just the thing to get a cantankerous old car with a feeble 6 volt battery running; why bother with jumper cables?

I’m also not sure of its exact vintage, as the 1941 – 1947s all looked mighty similar. Maybe someone here will know.

Here’s the view from the front, or what it would look like as it approached your rear bumper. A bit gnarly, to say the least.

The sign painted on the door says “Dieman’s Land O Lake Mtr. Co.”. Since I don’t see a V8 badge, this truck quite likely has the 226 CID flathead six, which was new in 1941 and was actually more powerful than the venerable flathead V8, with 90 hp compared to the V8’s 85 hp.

That six cylinder engine was originally designed for what was to be the original Mercury, in Edsel Ford’s vision, at least according to one source. It may seem counter-intuitive to have a slightly higher priced brand with a six, but the market for mid-priced sixes was quite large at the time. That plan was scotched, by Henry, one assumes, and so the six became an alternative power plant for the Ford, and a superior one at that, running smoother with a better torque curve and none of the V8’s tendency to overheat. Just the thing for a tow and push truck.