Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1950 Plodge Wagon – Found in Mexico City

CC Cohort robadr has found a wonderful living fossil in Mexico City; now this is how I like my CC’s. And there’s a bit of mystery too, as it has a 1950 Dodge grille, but Dodge didn’t sell the swb 2-door wagon, at least not in the US. That was a strictly a Plymouth brand item, and a very popular one; the first all-steel wagon to sell in big numbers.

That raises the question: were these sold as Dodges in Mexico? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me, and if so, we have here a genuine Mexican Plodge.

The tail lights are different than the US Plymouth version too. Quite possibly these were assembled in Mexico fron CKD kits.

That looks like DODG letters on the the middle of the dash. More evidence that this is a Plodge.

Nice exposed hinges.

Except for the bigger wheels and tires, it appears to be quite original.

In case you’re wondering how big this wagon was, it’s virtually identical in most dimensions to the previous generation of Toyota RAV4. We compared the two at great length here.