Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1952-1959 Opel Blitz – The Chevy Advance Design Arrives In Germany A Bit Late

Roshake 77 found and posted a truck that is extremely familiar to me: an Opel Blitz, from the years 1952-1959. These were of course common in Austria during my formative years, and it quite explains why the Chevy Advance Design trucks are my all-time favorite light/medium truck design.

Obviously Opel revised the front end some, to update it given its 1952 introduction in Germany. And it soldiered along looking like this through 1959. It also sounded just like a Chevy, given its Opel inline six.

Just like the Chevys in the US, these were the best selling trucks in their weight range (1.75 – 1.9 metric tons), medium sized trucks in American parlance. No pickups; those jobs were handled by much smaller trucks like the VW Transporter pickup and such.

Here’s some other body styles I found on the web:

The Blitz was very popular as fire trucks, and this van style was commonly used as by fire companies to haul men and additional equipment. Or this one may have had some other institutional use.

The Opel six from the Kapitan started out as a 58 hp 2.5L, and later versions had an enlarged 2.6L, so a fair bit smaller than the Chevy six.

Several coach builders used the Blitz as a basis for buses. This on looks to have been used in the tourist trade, with its panoramic windows and roof rack. I saw buses lined up like this and others in front of the Hofburg in Innsbruck, while they disgorged their tourist occupants to run around and see the sights of the Altstadt.

And finally here’s a shot of a tow truck, the German Tow Mater.