Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1954 Rambler Country Club by Ralf K – A Pink Bathtub, In A Sea Of Angry Appliances

This image from Ralf K at the Cohort shows a good contrast of styling languages. In the foreground, a friendly-looking pink bathtub with shiny decor. In the back, a sea of aggressive and angry-looking appliances.

It’s a well-known quote from Bob Lutz, when back in the early 2000s he referred to new cars as ‘Angry kitchen appliances.’ On that, I agree with the guy, and we have certainly been swamped by aggressive styling ever since. So, if you happen to need a respite from all that, take a good look at this friendly-looking brightly colored ol’ bathtub. I know it’s making my day brighter already.

Ralf K mentions he sees this old pink Rambler occasionally around town. Nice to know it still gets regular use. Let’s hope it keeps doing so, and adding a bit of color to the roads.


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