Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1956 Chrysler 300 B – “America’s Most Powerful Car”

posted by William Garrett

Appropriately enough, this popped up today at the Cohort, on the same day we have a vintage review of the 300 G. So lets bestow a bit of love on the second year 300, even if I do prefer the looks of the 1955 without the tacked on fin. The hemi got its first boost in displacement, from 331 to 354 cubic inches, and horsepower went up from 300 (hence the name) to 340 or 355, from a higher compression version available later in the model year. This made it the first production car to exceed one hp per cubic inch.

The new Torqueflite transmission was introduced late in the model year, which was of course a nice improvement over the 2-speed Powerflite.

The cover of the brochure doesn’t exactly pull any punches: