Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1956 Pontiac Laurentian – Tri-Five Cheviac

posted by nifticus

 We’ve done gobs of Canadian Cheviacs, but never a tri-fiver (’55-’57). This is then a ’56 Chevy wearing some Pontiac-specific body parts, like the front and rear end sheet metal. But the front end is not longer like the US Pontiac’s was; it’s ’55 Chevy-sized. Well, that bumper probably adds a few inches, but the wheelbase is that unforgettable 115″ that made the tri-five Chevys so…right sized.

And of course it’s all Chevy under the skin, right down to its 265 cubic inch V8 and Powerglide, if so equipped. It’s a better Pontiac, as the real thing’s proboscis was just a lot of dead weight.  This looks and feels like a Chevy with a bit of customization. Which is exactly what it is.

Then there’s the rear end to consider. It’s the same as the US Pontiac’s, based on my unerring eye. I’m not going to say it’s more attractive than the much cleaner Chevy’s, but it does add a bit of character. Of course the fully-opened wheel well is not original, although it does evoke the ’55 Chevy Nomad’s.

As to its dashboard, a wee bit of Googling shows that it’s a genuine Pontiac.