Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1960 Edsel Ranger Two-Door Sedan – One of 777 Built

posted at the Cohort by Fran Dusk


It’s hard not to stop at a 1960 Edsel when cruising the Cohort. We’ve seen a few others before, but this will be the first two-door sedan. What a come down, in just two short years, from the gaudy and ambitious 1958 Citation, with its big Mercury body, to this 1960 Ford with a silly rear end and a new front grille. No wonder all of 777 of these two-door sedans were ever sold.

Before we commiserate some more with this Edsel, let’s just quickly note that in addition to the many other changes they made to the ’61 Ford, the rear window on these sedans was changed, making them steeper and ending sooner on the rear deck.

It’s a somewhat curious change to make after only one year, given that the roof otherwise didn’t change.


Back to the Edsel. What can one say about it, other than it’s being silly, affected and desperate.

For a moment I thought maybe the taillight lenses were interchangeable with those on the ’60 Comet, which was of course originally intended to be an Edsel. But they’re longer and pointier. Edsels had their odd front ends in 1958, and now it was the odd rear ends in 1960. The 1959 was pretty tame both front and back.


Actually the front end changes are more involved than just a new grille, as the hood had to be changed too. In any case, it’s a pretty modest effort, something of a watered-down 1959 Pontiac front end.

Now if only the hood were open so we could see if this one is sporting the base 223 CID six. Wouldn’t that be sweet?