Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix – Pontiac Longing

Photo from the Cohort by nifticus392.

What a streak of hits can do for everlasting fame. When we mourn for Pontiac, there’s no question as to what we’re all mourning; Pontiac of the ’60s. The company had some other moments here and there, but when we long for the marque, it’s mostly that Golden Age. So how about revisiting that period once more, with this one shot of a ’64 Grand Prix?

This is admittedly, not my favorite Pontiac of the period. But does it matter? The themes the marque played with during that age were taut and masculine; with variations that are fun to check out and choose from. One might nitpick on a fender’s sculpting, or prefer one beak over another, etc. But just about each Pontiac of that era is rewarding style-wise.

In the case of the ’62-’64 Grand Prix, the ’63 seems the cleanest to most, including myself. However, if handed the keys to this ’64, I would grab them in a heartbeat. Even in this not-ideal white-red two-tone.

About 63,810 units of the GP were produced for ’64, almost 10K less than in ’63. By ’65 the GP would start gaining weight and gradually deviate from its original mission as a performance-oriented grand tourer. The model was about to get slightly lost in the woods for a while, before striking back with a vengeance in ’69.

But don’t misunderstand me. I find just about any ’60s Pontiac awfully attractive. I may have my favorites, but in the end, it’s really hard to pick from an age filled with hits.


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