CC Outtake: 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix – Almost A GM Greatest Hit

I’ve driven past this neglected ’64 GP for years now, and never stopped. But with all of this GM Deadliness in the air, I decided that my truss order could wait five minutes while I paid my respects through the chain link fence. Of course, I live in hope of finding a ’63 GP curbside, but that may be a while. Meanwhile, this will have to do.

How many times have I posted this picture? Can I have one, please (the car)?

I’ve always preferred the ’63 over the ’64. I’d forgotten about that prominent bulge added to the ’64 Pontiac’s rear flanks. Hmm. This angle really shows it clearly. And I thought it was because the front end wasn’t quite as nice.

I’ll stick to the profile, but then I can see the faired-in headlights. Close, but not quite a Greatest Hit.