Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1964 Rambler Ambassador – Hear! Hear!

When I spotted this shot of a 1964 Ambassador by robadr at the Cohort, another car suddenly popped in my mind. Does it remind you of a certain other car?

Well, that’s the car (Audi 100 C1) that came to mind. It never has before, and it may well never again, but today that’s the association I made, without trying.

Here’s some more shots of just the Amby:

The ’63 – ’64 Ambassador (and the Classic and American) have the size and clean lines that would make them feel quite at home in Europe. These cars did have a fairly decent following in Europe at the time.

Ramblers were actually assembled from CKD kits at Renault’s factory in Haren, Belgium, and were sold as the Renault Rambler, since they lacked a large executive-class car.

Maybe some Audi designers saw one?