Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport – Buick’s Musclecar

With so many entries posted through the years, I’m always surprised when a model hasn’t appeared much at CC. The ’65 Buick Gran Sport is such a case, never appearing by the curbside until now. Then again, today most of these belong to the Car Show circuit.

So let’s enjoy this find by J. C. from the Cohort, sitting properly by the curbside, carrying a few nicks from wear just as we like them.

The Gran Sport was Buick’s take on the GTO, dressed in restrained Flint garb. It followed the established formula; drop a hulking V-8 from a full sizer into an intermediate body, and let it rip. Of course, after the GTO’s success, the challenge was how to do your spin on the concept. An idea easier said than done, as brands have to contend with their legacy and customer base. Any new product has to inevitably deal with such matters.

So, 1965 was the first year Buick took after the GTO template. With an understated approach, the new Gran Sport played to the brand’s traditional image and found enough buyers to justify itself in Buick’s lineup. Its numbers, however, paled against the GTO’s, and the Gran Sport would eventually turn more extroverted.

As can be seen, the first-gen Gran Sport indeed wears its musclecar credentials close to its chest (or hood). Not quite the approach to win over the masses back in the ’60s, but just the ticket for those who like musclecar power in discreet form.


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