Vintage Postcards: Vintage Train Stations – Trains, Rails, & Automobiles

I felt this would be a neat gallery to share with those of us with an interest in transport. A mix of vintage train stations and parking lots with vehicles of yore. And of course, the architecture. Regardless of all being hubs of modern transport, each station is a reflection of the fads and preferences of its construction period. From Victorian to Spanish Neo-Colonial, to pure mid-century modernism.

One item to remember is that a few of these postcards come from an age when the railroad was still a favored mode for long distance travel. If I’m to trust Google (why doubt it this time?), it wasn’t until 1955 that more people traveled by plane than by train in the US. As we know, train travel would soon become a rarity.

Amazingly, most of these still exist in this age of speed and change. As for the lead pic, it is Union Station, in Portland OR.

Harrisburg Railroad Station, PA.

Santa Fe Depot, San Bernardino, CA.

Northern Philadelphia Railroad Station, PA.

Union Pacific Depot, Cheyenne, WI.

Union Station, Burlington, IA.

Union Station, Seattle, WA.

Norfolk and Western Train Station, Roanoke, VA.

Union Station, Los Angeles, CA.