Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1966 Acadian Invader – Hide The Women And Children…

posted by William Oliver

Canadian cars is the gift that keeps on giving. Here I though I had them all pretty well sorted out and covered, with all of their unusual names: Montcalm, Beaumont, Canso, Richelieu. But I obviously missed the Invader, a name that conjures up a wild and brutal sort of car. Who would name a car that? Especially in Canada, in the 1960s?

I give you the 1966 Acadian Invader, also known as a low end Chevy II 100 sedan. Not exactly the kind of car that gets the women and children rushing to hide in the haymow. Certainly its 120 hp Econoflame 194 inch six isn’t going to help it live up to its name. This is the right car for the women and children.

But wait…in addition to the 195 hp 283 V8, there was just one more optional engine: the mighty L79 350 hp Super-Econoflame 327 V8! Now that was worthy of the name, a veritable giant killer. The odds of one being in a four door sedan was of course essentially zilch, but a two door sedan would have made for the best performance for the buck, just like it did in the US.

And just like in the US, that was a one-year only option; in ’67 the top engine was the milder but still lively 275 hp 327.

So are there more Canadian car names I need to get acquainted with?

In case you missed it here before, the Acadian was created to give Canadian Pontiac-Buick dealers a compact to sell, as the Tempest wasn’t built in Canada, and the whole idea then was to promote local production with pretty stiff import duties on US-made cars.


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