Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1966 Plymouth Fury III – JPC Will Recognize It

When I saw this ’66 Fury III sedan posted at the Cohort, I instantly had two associations: My friend Jerry Gaeng and CC’s Jim Cavanaugh. I’ve heard Jim refer to his, and my middle and high school friend Jerry’s family owned one. There was a difference between them though: the Gaengs’ Fury had the slant six, which I know Jim’s car most certainly wouldn’t have. A little six in such a big, fine car? That’s how Mr. Gaeng must have wanted it. And they lived at the bottom of a pretty steep hill, so I have vivid memories of that slant six working leaning pretty hard against the torque converter to get a carload of us to somewhere.

I see that this Fury is wearing a V8 badge, as undoubtedly the majority of them did. 318, most likely, in the final year for the “poly” version of that venerable engine.

When I saw the new Fury arrive at the Gaengs’ house and I found out it was a six, it was one of those relatively rare moments where my father redeemed himself. He might drive a 170 slant six Dart to work, but he was not going to have a six in the main family chariot. But then the Gaengs were like so many Towson families: they never went anywhere except for a week or so at the ocean, meaning Ocean City. And the drive was flat as a board the whole way, except for going up over the giant Bay Bridge. Mr. Gaeng walked to work, just a few blocks away at the Baltimore County offices in Towson, where he was an attorney. And Mrs. Gaeng stayed home, smoking herself to a semi-early death with a couple of packs a day. She probably took the Fury out to the store once or twice a week.

And so it sat in the driveway, aging very gently. I think they had it until the early ’80s, when something smaller and more economical took its place.