Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1966 Valiant Signet – A Canadian Dart

posted by robadr

It’s neither a Dodge or a Plymouth, as Valiant was a brand unto its own in Canada in the sixties. It looks just like a US-version Dart, except for the V A L I A N T spelled out across the top of the hood. And although by this time it wasn’t a Dart body with a Valiant front clip, there’s still one or two Valiant parts still to be seen, from the side view.

Those wheel covers are very much US Valiant Signet items. And of course the badging on the front fender.

This one is sporting a V8, which would be the 273 LA.



And a floor shifter for the four(?) speed manual.

Cute little bumper guards. Not effective, but undoubtedly a good profit maker for Chrysler or the dealer.