Cohort Pic(k)s Of The Day: 1967 Dodge Coronet 500 & 1963 Chevy II – In Need Of Rescue

Here are two fairly recent captures from the Cohort by canadiancatgreen. Both are 4 doors from the sixties, weathered and beaten, with their better days behind them. Neither is a stranger to these pages, as both have been featured on more than one occasion (links below). But any surviving one is worth a glimpse, as beaten as they may be.

I started with the Coronet, as I believe it to be the rarer of the two. And according to the remaining badges, it’s a 500 with a V8. As for the Chevy II, who didn’t know someone who owned one?

In either case, considering the expense of restoration, will anyone bother to rescue any of these two? I pretty much doubt it. But with some luck, some optimist with free time might give it a try.


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