Vintage Snapshots: AMC Matador Coupes In The Real World

I hope no one out there is hoping for a second helping of Matador Coupe vintage shots. Even on this post, there aren’t many images, just a scant four. But heck, as everybody knows these things just didn’t sell well. About 100K from 1974 to 1978, burning a considerable hole in AMC’s pockets. Yet, much to my surprise, a few Matador Coupes appeared while I scavenged for online images. Being at hand, we might as well give them their due.

Only the Matador in our lead pic appears in action (which looks suspiciously like a film capture). Our second Matador sits idly with a couple of young men, in a shot probably taken in the ’70s. Then, we have an ‘action’ one, serving for KFWB News and already with a couple of dents. Finally, a not-so-vintage shot, somewhere in Latin America.

I may be on the fence regarding the Matador Coupe’s aesthetics, but every time I came across one I won’t deny I got excited. “Damn! That’s a Matador Coupe!” For better or worse, it’s distinctive and there’s no way to mistake it for anything else. Which I guess says something in its favor.


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