Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 Sedan – Grandpa Joe’s 440

Mike Hayes continues to find some of the most genuine curbside classics, like this dinged-up ’69 Dodge Coronet sedan. These were most commonly seen as taxis and police cars; who would want to spend their hard earned money in exciting 1969 for this? Aunt Mildred, or Grandpa Joe, perhaps. Despite its bulging hips, these were pretty dull in their day. But here it is, to brighten up our day all these decades later.

The camera lens makes its hood look endlessly long, but then it wasn’t exactly short either. These Dodge and Plymouth B Bodies were always bigger than the mid-sized Chevelle and Fairlane/Torino, given that they started out back in 1962 as “full sized” cars. At 207″ long, this one is a good seven inches longer than the Chevelle or Torino. And it’s even a tad longer than the Lexus LS we saw the other day, and only one inch shorter than a current lwb Mercedes S Class.

I know I sound like a broken record, but these old school three box cars had very mediocre space utilization. The back seat would feel like a penalty box compared to a lwb S Class back seat, purely in dimensions alone.

I see it has two straight exhaust pipes. But the “440” model designation has nothing to do with what’s under the hood. That was standard on the Coronet R/T, but not even an option on the lesser models. I realize that the dual exhausts might suggest a 383, but in reality, these sedans most commonly came with the 318. And it is of course a popular modification to put duals on any old V8 engine car. But I could be wrong…