Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1969 Fairlane 4-Door Sedan – Corvettes? What Corvettes?

Tim Finn posted a number of shots from Corvette Day, presumably in the Portland area. I see lots of Corvettes in the background, but what caught my eyes was this ’69 Ford Fairlane sedan. Now if only it had had a six cylinder, we’d really be gushing!

Yes, yes; we love you too, Corvettes (some more than others), but this very fine condition stripper Fairlane is just a lot more…exotic, and CC worthy. When’s the last time you saw one? And a Corvette? 15 minutes ago?

No six cylinder under its hood; it’s actually got a 351, which seems more than a bit unusual for a stripper Fairlane sedan, unless of course it was bought by the FBI or some other governmental agency that could justify that.