Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1969 Ford Mustang Coupe – The Mustang Goes Blah

(note: this was originally misidentified by the Cohort poster as a Grandé, and I didn’t check that. Apparently it’s just a plain Mustang coupe. I’ve amended the title and text.)   Cohort poster L Seddon has found the anti-1969 Mustang, on a street on Northern England, no less. By that I mean: if you Google “1969 Mustang”, all you get is pictures of endless Mach 1s and Bosses, or their clones. Except for two convertibles, I had to scroll down quite a ways to finally hit a coupe.

Of course that makes this very original-looking coupe perfect CC fodder, especially so if it’s a six (it’s a 302, according to L. Seddon).  Instead of an exciting muscle-bulging mach 1, it’s just an increasingly dull and chubbier Mustang.


The Mustang’s interior had increasingly lost its cheery quality of the original.


The sad reality is that there was a very good reason the Mach 1 fastback got all the attention: we were all bored to tears by Mustang coupes by 1959, and the new front end wasn’t enough to make it interesting. The ’69 Camaro, although also just a warmed-over ’67-’68, really was more attractive.

That fake air vent is simply atrocious. It neither fits properly nor works aesthetically.

The painful reality is that the original Mustang, although it was fresh and new in 1964, wasn’t truly a groundbreaking design at the time; in fact it had some decidedly conservative elements that hearkened back to older Thunderbirds and Continentals. By 1969, puffing it up some just wasn’t cutting it.

In the sixties, we were excited about truly new and novel things, like the Marzal.

Chevrolet picked up on that and gave us a pony car version in 1970. Now that’s more like it…Meanwhile, the Mustang coupe just got uglier and fatter, like a pathetic overdone charade of its former self.

Maybe some of you have something more upbeat to add to my rather dismal words. I wasn’t exactly too cheerful in my CC on the ’69 Mach 1 either.