Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner – Genuine or Clone?

JC found, shot and posted a car that has made itself surprisingly scarce at CC over the years. Now if the RR had been available with a slant six and three-on-the-tree, I’m sure we’d have gone all gaga over one or two by now. Mike Butts did find a ’69 RR hardtop a few years back, but this 2-door coupe (with post) is closer to the 1968 original, which only came in this body style.

It’ll be interesting to see what the CC Chorus thinks about these non-original wheels. They’re in the original style, but obviously a few inches greater in diameter. Works pretty well for me. But I know we have some real purists here, especially when it comes to wheels.

Of even greater interest is what’s under the hood, and whether this is even an original Road Runner.

The “440” call outs on the upwards facing hood scoops are quite legible, but that’s a problem. The new six-pack A12 440, rated at 390 hp, was available in 1969 starting mid year. But…only some 1,432 of them were built, and they all came with a fiberglass hood held on with four hood pins, plain steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps. They’re even rarer (by a good margin) than the 426 hemi equipped Road Runners. This does not appear to be one of those unicorns. And it’s missing the black paint on the hood in any case.

My guess is this started out as a Belvedere coupe and was turned into a RR. Or somebody swapped in a 440 into a RR and didn’t bother to make it look authentic.

I’m shattered…