Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1970 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop Coupe – How Come Canada Got All the Good Stuff?

Dean Edwards is going to be keeping us busy for a while, as he’s flooding the Cohort with his many pictures shot over the years. This is the one that grabbed me today: another Canada-only version of a popular GM car. In this case, it’s a Bel Air hardtop coupe, and decked out in typical Canadian-thrifty garb: dog dish hubcaps, durable black paint on the roof instead of vulnerable vinyl, and a six cylinder under the hood, given the lack of a “350” on the front fender. We’ll have to speculate if it has a three-on-the-tree, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I find this quite compelling. There’s a charming simplicity about it. But then I’d probably have made a very happy Canadian if my father had decided to move there instead.

Would it have killed Chevy to offer a Bel Air hardtop coupe here too? Maybe just in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania? Like a regional special, the way certain Mustang special editions and others were offered regionally?