Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury 440 – Back To Life?

Fans of Mopar should probably take a look at the Cohort, as there’s a batch of vintage Pentastar products recently uploaded by Hyperpack. No information was given on the occasion, which to my eye seems to be a gathering or someone’s collection.

Whatever the case, of the many, I decided to highlight this fuselage wonder today; a ’71 Sport Fury 440. It has no license plates, but seems to be going through some servicing or refurbishing. Is this one coming slowly back to life?

Fuselage-era Mopars always catch my attention, mostly because they were so rare by the time I was growing up. Their styling, though not always that successful, is certainly unique. A plus in my book. The Sport Fury certainly looks the part of a menacing and forceful vehicle, even in this joyful hue.

The fuselage Sport Fury has gotten its share of love at CC before (links below). It’s just about the largest 2-door coupe… ever, and impossible to ignore. I would think the vinyl top and skirts suggest this is a Formal Hardtop and not the Hardtop GT, but it does carry a discrete 440 badge below the front side marker. I’ll leave it to Mopar experts to let us know the exact model we’re seeing here.

In either case, it’s a rare survivor nowadays. A fuselage wonder that seems to be getting some deserved attention.


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