CC Outtake: 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT 440 – The Rarest And Most Valuable Antique Was In The Parking Lot

CC 280 036 1200

(first posted 2/16/2016)    On our recent trip to the Bay Area, I got roped into going to a giant flea/antique market held in Alameda on the runways of the former Navy Air Station there. Well, there were a few things worth looking at, mainly old tools, magazines, and things like that, while nephew Aidan snapped up vinyl records from the 60s and 70s. (we split up from the women). But the best antique of the day by far was this bad-ass 1970 Sport Fury GT 440 in the parking lot.

CC 280 030 1200

The rear ends of these fuselage coupes are long enough to make a great landing deck; maybe that’s why its here. And this one is nicely weathered; all those planes landing and taking off have worn that deck down to the primer, or less.

CC 280 034 1200

The hood isn’t much shorter either. These cars have to have the biggest ratio of hood/trunk to green house of any modern car, save an old business coupe from the 40s.

CC 280 032 1200

The hood “power bulge” is a bit hard to see anymore, but the 440 badge is still intact.

CC 280 039 1200

It’s a bit hard to see, but there’s buckets, a console and floor shifter for the Torqueflite. The dash pad is as well worn as the exterior.

CC 280 041 1200

Bet it still makes some nice music through those big quad exhaust extensions. Heavy on the bass, undoubtedly.