Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1973 Ford LTD Coupe (And More) Found In Mexico

I thought this ’73 LTD coupe would make a bit of a counterpoint to Jason’s remarkable find of a 1953 British Ford Consul in the US. If this big Ford had been built in the US and exported to Mexico, the point would be a lot more counter. But since these were built locally there, the point isn’t very pointy at all.

But then these cars in beater condition are getting mighty scarce in the US, so if it takes Eric Clem to go to Guadalajara in order to find one, we’ll celebrate the find here on the pages of CC.

I tend to think of the 1975-up version of these, with the silly “Pillared Hardtop” name. I’d almost forgotten how much this coupe roof looks like its 1971-1972 predecessor.  To the point where I wonder if it shares some of its roof structure with them.

This LTD is sharing the curb with another Blue Oval relative, a Maverick that’s seen better days.

Looks like it’s got a Grabber hood. I assume these were made in Mexico too.

And bringing up the rear is a Duster riding mighty high. No engine? Or is that a look, like it was in the late 50s and early 60s?