Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1973 Lada 2101 – With Blocked Off Radiator And Fresh Air Hood Scoops

We’ve seen a lada Ladas here over the years, but this veteran from 1973 shot in Budapest by Roshake caught my eye. Why? The very clever way the owner is blocking cold winter air from the radiator. I’m familiar with the piece of cardboard set right up against the actual radiator, but this is something else. And there’s some hood scoops too, in case the engine gets too hot?

Here’s a closer look:

Isn’t that brill? Yeah, it takes a bit more time and effort, but…

In case you’ve wondered what a well-worn 50 year old Lada looks like on the inside, here you go. Basic but rugged motoring. What’s not to like?

I loved the Fiat 124 when it came out; it was sort of the ultimate evolution of the conventional RWD small car. Dante Giacosa really wanted a FWD car, and had been working on various prototypes as well as the production Autobianchi Primula, but the conservative bosses at Fiat just weren’t quite ready yet to make the leap. Just as well, as there’s no doubt that the very simple and rugged 124 was a much better choice to be Russia’s Volkswagen.