Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1974 Buick Apollo – Shivering Stripper

William Oliver found this rather pristine Buick Apollo sitting at the curb in Ontario. It looks almost new, except for the Chevy hubcaps on the front wheels and none on the rears. This is a stripper too, as it lacks the bright trim on the window surrounds as on the one I found and wrote up here. Bare bones.

The Apollo and the Olds Omega appeared in 1973, as the second and third Nova clones, the Pontiac Ventura having beaten them by two years. Did GM have advance knowledge that the energy crisis would happen in the fall of 1973?

All four of the NOVA X-Bodies came standard with the Chevy 250 six, and nobody seems to have complained or sued. A genuine Buick 350 V8 was optional, with either a two barrel carb (150 hp) or a four barrel (175 hp). The latter would have made for a reasonably brisk ride for the times. But given the stripper status of this one, the six is the more likely one hiding in there. Update: Oops; I missed the 350 badges on the front fenders. 

No hatchback here. The hatchback version did not sell well; only about 20% of ’74 Apollo buyers ponied up for that. Hatchbacks just never caught on in bigger cars, understandably so, as their trunks were pretty long already, and the hatches became rather ponderously large.



CC 1974 Buick Apollo