Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1975-1977 Mercury Grand Marquis – Der Grosser Mercury

Of course this MGM ended up in Germany. Well, it could have been the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland or some other Northern European country, but the odds are in favor of Germany. Ein Grosser Mercury; just about the ultimate Ami Strassenkreuzer. Corey Beherns found this one Bergen auf Rugen, sitting in a large field.

I can’t tell these ’75-77s apart; can you? Almost like a Mercedes, virtually unchanged for three years.

The wheel covers even have a hint of Benz to them; too bad the center section isn’t body-colored.

Looks like two of them have gone AWOL.

6.6 or 7.4 liters? Gross enough, either way, although the hp ratings were net rather than nett.

Just don’t try to call it a Merkur.