Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1977 Mustang II 2+2 – Pinocchio

Fred Oliver posted these shots of a ’77 Mustang II he found in Lisbon, CT. This shot from the front has the unfortunate effect of making the MII’s intrinsically poor proportions look even worse, due to the effect of the camera’s lens. The poor thing looks like it had a Torino front end grafted on to its little body.

I admit; I’m never going to reconcile myself aesthetically to the Mustang II. Feeding a little Pinto steroids was just never going to work out well.

But at least I did something about it.

Back in 2012, CC reader geozinger realized my ideas about how to make it a real Mustang, not just a Pinto II. With proper-sized wheels located where they should have been, it’s a whole different animal.

But at least Ford admitted it wasn’t a genuine Mustang by calling it the Mustang II. And although folks like to point out that the MII sold well, let’s put that into perspective: it got the typical Ford first year bounce, thanks to the energy crisis, but after 1974, in its second year already, sales plunged by over 50%. And they continued to drop, to 154k in 1977. There’s no way that can be seen as a sales success.

Meanwhile, GM’s F-Bodies were making hay, with combined sales in 1977 of over 375k, and were still heading upwards.

But it’s nice to see that there’s still some survivors out there.