Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1978 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Vacationing In Bergen aan Zee

Corey Behrens apparently was visiting the little sea-side hamlet of Bergen aan Zee (pop. 483) when he shot another visitor–or is it a permanent inhabitant?–in the form of a 1978 Cadillac CDV in front of the Pension Stormvogel. I’ve been in court on a jury all day and am a bit tired tonight, so I’m going to let you all do the commentary, and I’ll stick mostly to the pictures.

The first three years of the downsized Cadillacs were the ones to have, if one valued the traditional feel of power and effortlessness, thanks to the still-hefty 425 cubic inch version of the Cadillac V8. The coming engine nightmares were still over the horizon.

Of course, that 7 liter engine–downsized as it was from the 8.1 liters it had sported a few years earlier–still had a healthy appetite too. That’s referenced to by the irreverent display on its backside.

Ten years ago or so, these were still such common sights here in Eugene. No more; the good ones are tucked away in garages, or on vacation on the North Sea.