Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1986 Peugeot 604 GTI – A Peugeot Lover Lives Here

Roshake stumbled into a Peugeot lover’s lair, with no less than three of them visible from the street. In this shot, we see the main a attraction, a 1979 604 in very fine fettle. Update: This was earlier identified as a 1979 by Roshake, but it appears to be a 1986.

In the street we see a lovely 406 Coupe, and behind the gate is 605 sedan.

We’ve covered the 604 a few times here already, and I’ll leave the links at the bottom, as usual, so I’m not going to repeat myself except to say I found it very attractive when it arrived in 1975, and even more so during my 404 era, which the 604 reminded me of somewhat, thanks to the rectilinear styling by Peugeot on both of them.

The 604 was heavily based on the 504, but it did get a 2.325″ wheelbase stretch, to improve rear seat leg room. The seats were absolutely blissfully comfortable. Peugeot was something of a pioneer in using new techniques to make foam seats in the 504, and the results were splendid. I’ve seen 504 and 604 seats swapped into all sorts of old cars and trucks. I’m afraid the junkyards are long out of them, in case I gave you an idea.

The 604 was powered by the PRV 90 degree V6, an engine that had some weak spots early on, but became quite solid in its middle age. There was also a turbo diesel, the first one to be sold in Europe, starting in 1979. It was a four cylinder and its NVH was not exactly in full harmony with the supple and comfortable ways of the 604 otherwise.

It had a very spacious trunk.

Unfortunately, the US version did not have these composite headlights, but had some cobbled-up looking quad sealed beams, although in its later years, some US-approved composite headlights did finally make its way here.


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