Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham – Traditional Architecture

Cohort poster Roshake keeps finding cars in Budapest that used to be prolific on our streets, but no longer. Where did all these budget Sevilles go? To Hungary, apparently.

After the public roundly dismissed the new downsized 1978 Aeroback Cutlass (and the Buick version), GM quickly redesigned to conform to the traditional automotive architecture of the time, meaning three-box-car, in the very literal sense of the word. The Seville started it, GM’s 1977 B/C Bodies seconded it, and the 1980-up Cutlass and Century made it three in a row. And of course Ford and Chrysler fell into line too. It got boring very quickly.

From the looks of the dual exhausts, they’re probably not exhausting the 110 hp Buick 231 V6, but more likely a V8. Curiously, the 260 Olds V8 was rated at only 100 hp; but there was also the 307 Olds V8, with a hefty (for 1982) 140 hp. We’ll assume it’s not the 4.3L  diesel, as there’s no badges to suggest that, never mind it surviving this long.

But the Olds 5.7L diesel in the big B Body was quite popular in Europe at time, as it gave folks there the chance to enjoy the American way of driving along with European-style fuel consumption.

The interior is showing some wear and tear; after all, it is forty years old.

I’d never really taken a close look at that rear taillight; with 12 squares, there was some real potential in interesting sequential utilization.