Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1983 Oldsmobile Omega – One Still Around

I thought all of these had already gone to automotive heaven by now. But here’s one still around, apparently in running condition, captured by nifticus392 at the Cohort.

We’ve covered these Omegas before (links below), and this one appears to be a Brougham sedan, not the elusive Brougham coupe. But that’s OK. Any X-body in any condition is quite the find after 40 years on the road. Particularly when one considers the many woes they originally came with.

Woes that I admit were receding by 1983, and this surviving one is probably an example of that. But there’s no way of denying there were many sins of a deadly nature on these.

As for my experience, I understand there was a need for an accessible compact in Oldsmobile showrooms in those troublesome early ’80s. But after these appeared, followed by the underwhelming Calais, the toll just kept mounting. That, among other sins, made it impossible to convince many teens of my generation that there were any ‘aspirational’ attributes in Oldsmobiles.

But well, that’s all water under the sinful bridge now. Just for memory’s sake, I’m glad one is still around. FWIW, there were 18,014 of these 4-door Broughams built in ’83, the second most common Omega of that year. Now, let’s see if we ever come across the unicorn-like Brougham coupe.


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