Cohort Classic: 1981 Oldsmobile Omega – X Marks The Spot

(first posted 5/21/2012)    So far, I’ve found all the versions of GM’s fabulous X-bodies (even a Phoenix coupe) except for the Olds Omega. So when I saw this fine example posted at the Cohort by improbocat, how could I resist? Now of course it was the Citation that was the big seller of the bunch, and the Skylark did quite well too, but the Omega and Pontiac Phoenix were the laggards. So which of those two was on the bottom of the sales barrel?

The Omega and Phoenix (Iron)duked it out for that spot. The Omega was last in 1980, and then traded places with the Phoenix for 1981, which is what this car is.

Now here we have a fine example indeed, and it has the rather uncommon steel wheels with puppy dish hub caps. I like!

Now if one is to see an Omega, it’s almost certainly to be a four door. The coupes were very uncommon indeed; especially as a Brougham,

or even more so as the sporty SX. It’s been so long, I almost forgot about the kick up over the rear wheels. Oooh; SXy!

Let’s take in the Omega’s fine waterfall grille before we bid it adieu.