Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1985 Mercedes 500 SEC Koenig – Grandpa’s Car?

This find by JC is impressive. Tuner cars like this Koenig Mercedes were such a big thing in the eighties, but they all seem to have long vanished, for rather obvious reasons. These were not the kind of cars Grandpa Bob stashed away in his garage after he stopped driving.

Living a stone’s throw away from Beverly Hills at the time (my morning commute included Rodeo Drive), tuned Mercedes of all kinds were rampant, as if some sort of virus was loose, attacking them and leaving them disfigured. Grotesque protuberances sprouted over their bodies. White Mercedes were by far the most vulnerable; I was quite concerned mine would be attacked. But it survived unscathed, except for a set of BBS wheels.

Curiously, the virus was mostly cosmetic, at least in the US. In Europe, the variant there commonly attacked the engines too, resulting in manic performance but all-too commonly resulting in premature death. Perhaps that’s why this one has survived. Or perhaps because this one really was bought by Grandpa Robert—who just happens to live in tony Carmel, CA—back when he was going through a bit of a midlife crisis.