Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1986 Brazilian Ford F4000 – That Grille Looks Familiar – And A Brief Brazilian F-Series History

photo posted by Eliminator

It wasn’t just Falcons and LTDs that were built in Brazil and Argentina for many years with the same body but updated grilles and such. This F4000 truck’s body dates back to the 1967-1972 US version F-Series, but this is from sometime in the mid 1980s or so, as the grille makes all-too obvious. That grille design instantly reminded me of a similar F-Series grille twenty years earlier.

I found a Brazilian site that has the history of the F-Series, so I’ll give you a very condensed version.

It reminded me of the 1965 F-Series, which has a grille I’ve always thought was the best of that generation. I don’t know if the Brazilian grille was an intentional update or just a coincidence, but the similarities are pretty obvious, although the ’66 does have two more egg crate openings than the newer one.

The early history of the Brazilian F-Series is somewhat predictable: Ford simply sent its tooling for the prior generation US F-Series to Brazil when a new one was in the works. The first generation built in Brazil was in 1960, and it was obviously the generation that had ended a few years earlier (1958) in the US.

In or about 1961 or 1962, the next generation’s tooling was shipped down to Brazil, and that one was made through 1971, with some updates on its front end styling, like this one from 1971.

Somewhat curiously, that pattern changed in 1970 or 1971 or 1972, depending on the source, when Brazil adopted the same generation that had been made in the US since 1967, and was due to be replaced in 1973. Why this happened a year or two early is a bit of a mystery. And of course the prior US generation (1961-1966) did not make the trip south.

It should be noted that diesel engines, first a Perkins and later a Ford FTO 4.4 L four were available from the beginning of this generation along with the venerable Y block V8.

A restyle which brought the grille our featured truck has was undertaken in 1985 for the 1986 model year.

For MY 1992, the F series adopted the US eight generation’s (1987-1991) tooling, returning to the pattern of earlier generations.

1997 brought the restyle that the US versions had received in 1992.

Since 2002 (?) the Brazilian F Series was analogue to the American Super Duty generation that started in 1999. And apparently, this one is still in production there, or was until recently.