Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1988 Opel Kadett Two-Door Wagon – The Last European Two-Door Wagon?

Another day, another new thing to learn, automotively. For some reason I assumed these Kadett E Caravans only came as four doors (five doors, in European parlance). But then I came across this at the Cohort posted by Roshake. It looks quite unfamiliar to me; if there hadn’t been an identification caption, it would have taken me a minute or so to figure out what it was. That top of the rear wheel opening extending across the rear of the body would have been the tip off.

But the back two thirds of the upper body look quite foreign to me.

A Google Image search does show a few of these, but the great majority are five door versions; I probably just repressed this one. It won’t be the first time.

It does seem a bit odd offering a three door wagon, as that body style was rather out of favor by the eighties. Of course Opel did have a long tradition of two-door sedans and wagons, and the Kadett had always had one since the A model. But this Kadett E was the end of the line for that; its replacement, the Astra F of 1992 only offered the five door wagon.

The Kadett E was not alone though; Ford’s Escort also offered a three-door wagon, but it ended a year or two earlier, when it was replaced by the Escort Mk 5 in 1990. So this was the end of the line for this body style, unless I’m missing someone else, in terms of a genuine three-door station wagon (not hatchback).

As to my title, more than likely someone will come up with another European two door wagon built after this, but it’s too late here right now for me to work my brain that hard.


There’s not much in here to get excited about. Typical low-end mid-late eighties.

This end looks more familiar. We got the Korean Daewoo version of this generation in the form of the Pontiac LeMans.