Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1990 Buick Skylark Custom – Disdained At Home; Loved Abroad

GM’s N-Bodies may be considered worthless and highly disposable in their home country, but apparently they are held in high esteem elsewhere, like the Grand Am we saw the other day in Tokyo and now this Buick Skylark in Budapest found by Roshake. This car is utterly immaculate, and its interior is every bit like new, as was the Grand Am’s. What gives?

Wow! It’s like I’m opening the door in the showroom, to check it out. Never mind; I’d never have done that. I admit to a particularly strong dislike for these cars, as I thought the styling with its vertical back window just didn’t work on this small of a car.

This interior does remind me a bit of the white ’80 Skylark Limited I had as a company car; it had a blue interior too and plenty of that fake wood. But these seats look better than the X-Car seats, which had a steel frame member that one could just sort of feel in the lower back; not the ideal kind of lumbar support. But these look much better.

I suspect this likely has the V6, given that it’s a high-trim version. That would be the 3.3 with fuel injection, which came along in 1989 and was a much nicer mill than the carburated 3.0 it replaced.

I’ll let the expert(s) weigh in on the headlights.

I first saw the Somerset coupe version of these in Santa Monica some months before it was released, being tested by GM engineers, with wires coming out the window and another car following it. I was not impressed.

But it’s nice to know that someone in Budapest is deeply in love with their N-Body Skylark.