Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1991 Mazda MX-3 – The Lozenge

I saw one of these for the first time in quite a while recently, but it was in distant traffic and I could not get a shot. As it is, I shot one some time back and its CC is here, so my motivation wasn’t that great. But Roshake posted this one found in Budapest, and this profile shot reminded me how rather unusual they were, so its deserves another go-around.

In my CC, I posed the question whether its 1.8 L V6 was the smallest displacement V6 ever (hint: it was not), but I somehow suspect this one is likely one of the four cylinder versions.

Initially, a 1.6 L SOHC four was the base four, but later were also 1.5 and 1.6 L DOHC fours to be had, along with the little V6. Speaking of, that V6 was physically just as big as the larger-displacement versions of the Mazda K-Series V6, as they obviously wouldn’t have tooled up a truly smaller V6 for this application.

The MX-3 wasn’t exactly a big hit, as the market for little sporty coupes had just peaked, and this slightly-odd looking one didn’t exactly pique the interests of buyers all that much.


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