Cohort Pic(k) of the Day 2: Chrysler Voyager, European Edition

Crash71100 posted this shot of a rather pristine-looking Chrysler Voyager wearing French plates. The Chrysler minivan was first exported to Europe in 1988, and branded as the Chrysler Voyager. It’s obviously got Euro-spec headlights, and we can be sure Professor Stern will illuminate us on their particulars.

The Voyager was eventually built in Europe, by Steyr-Magna in Austria, starting with the revised gen2 version. It also got a VM Motori 2.5 L diesel.

The Chrysler Voyager was a big seller in Europa; it made quite an impact and was embraced for its practical size and space utilization. I was rather surprised at how many I saw the last couple of times I was over there, especially in Austria, where it was embraced particularly so, given its local manufacture. A Steyr diesel van; how great is that?