Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 2011-2013 Renault Wind – How Did I Never Get Wind Of This?

I feel so out of it when I run into a car in that I simply had no idea existed. Ever since my Auto, Motor und Sport subscription ended back in the aughts, I’ve become increasingly less informed about the European market. And this Renault Wind totally escaped my sails.  Well, given how relatively obscure it was, and with such a short lifespan, I have to assume it was anything but a success, and thus relatively rare. Corey Behrens shot this one in
Dossenheim, Germany.

It is little two seater convertible coupe that opens up via a flip-up and back hard roof section. Renault bought the rights to the Ferrari Super America’s roof, and used it on the Wind.

Here it is in action. With that windshield extending so far back, the actual open roof area was pretty modest. Cut down on the wind, undoubtedly.

The Wind was based on the Renault Twingo, and came with either a 1.6 L NA four or 1.2 L turbo four.