Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 2020 Suzuki Jimny – Toyota Should Rebadge It And Sell It Here – The 2021 YariX

Mid-sized trucks and Jeeps and Broncos are red hot. How about an even smaller truck, Yaris sized? How hard would it be for Toyota to rebadge the adorable Jimny and sell it in the US? The Yaris is being cancelled, so this would be the perfect replacement. Call it “Yaris X”. Or just YariX. Or a baby Land Cruiser.

In Europe, a quite well equipped Jimny starts under €20,000, and that’s with their VAT. If these were sold in the US for $20k, you think there wouldn’t be folks waiting for the next shipment? A baby Wrangler/Bronco. College girls would be all over it. And me too. Just the ticket to replace my xB; big enough for the three of us, and I could hitch it behind the Promaster for off-road adventures far from home.

Nathan Williams shot this one in Bristol. It’s a perfect urban runabout, and ready to take you on adventures, if that’s actually your thing and not just wishful thinking.

It’s got a 101 hp 1.5 L four and a five speed stick (automatic available, of course). Low range included. Perfect for toad, behind an RV. The old Suzuki Samurai was a favorite in that role, but they’re mostly used up now.

Just because Suzuki is no longer here doesn’t mean the Jimny can’t be adopted by someone that is. Toyota has been selling the rebadged Mazda 2 for years.