Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: A Study In Contrasts

Jerome Solberg caught this fine pairing at the curb. Given that these FWD DeVilles weren’t really all that big, it’s a testament to the MGB’s size to make it look huge.

Driving these back-to-back would make a nice study in contrasts too.

The MGB’s venerable pushrod four wasn’t exactly known for its smooth and refined characteristics, but it got the job done, as long as it wasn’t one of the later heavily strangled 62 hp versions. A sad ending to what had once been lively cars. This one looks to be either a ’70 or ’71, when it still had a 92 (gross) hp rating.

What am I going to say about a metallic-pink Cadillac of this vintage? I’d better leave that to you.