Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: An (Unruly) Foreigner in London – Are There No Inspections?

posted by Nathan Williams

How many times have I posted pictures of less-than stock cars in the US that elicited the question: are there no mandatory inspections in the US? I’m 99% certain that this would not pass the German TUV inspection, because any modifications or non-stock parts have to be certified by that august organization.

But then the UK isn’t Germany. So does anything go, as long as it’s functional, has lights, etc.? Or?

I wouldn’t want to rear end this jacked up Toyota: there’s no Mansfield bar, as is required on all big trucks. How about a bumper sandwich?

I assume those are 15″ wheels, but those big tires make them look minute.

This looks all-too familiar to me here in Oregon, but it looks a wee bit out of context in London.