Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Aston Martin Cygnet – A Young Black Swan

Nathan Williams managed to find one the 300 A-M Cygnets ever made, sitting at the curb in Chelsea, London. The Cygnet’s sales were so low not because it was one of those limited-production supercars, but because it was a royal flop. It’s sales target was 4,000 per year; it sold some 150 units in each of its two years in production (2012-2013).

Why was this re-badged and gussied up Toyota iQ (Scion iQ in the US) ever made?

It was a “compliance-mobile” pure and simple; a way for A-M to meet the EU emission regulations, which were tightening in 2012.

The fact that it cost some three times as much as its donor-mobile didn’t exactly add to its appeal. Now if it had been an EV, it would have been granted preferred status in London’s congestion scheme, as well help out even more in meeting those EU emission standards. Seems kinda dumb to me; that might have worked.



Oh well. It does add a bit of color to Aston-Martin’s history, although I suspect it will more likely be forgotten. The sooner, the better.