Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Australian Chrysler Regal (CM) – The End Of The Road For Chrysler In Australia

posted by John Cockerell

We’ve been sorely neglecting our Australian friends. But we’ve built up a superb archive of Australian cars, so maybe the enthusiasm to write up more has been satiated to some extent. But who can resist another look at Chrysler’s ’70s Valiants, the ultimate expression of what started out so different in 1960.

This is a CM Chrysler Regal, the final series, built between late 1978 and 1981, although the last year or so was technically built by Mitsubishi, who had purchased Chrysler’s Australian operations in 1980. And obviously, it reminds one of certain US market Chryslers.

This series of Valiants started in 1971, when they needed something bigger with which to compete with against Holden and Ford. So the 111″ wheelbase as used by US Darts was used, and the body was widened a fair bit to give it that fuselage look then in vogue with Chrysler. A Dodge Coronet, shrunk a wee bit.

John Cockerell stated in the caption that it has the 4.3 L six. That would be the Chrysler 265 CID “hemi” six. The 318 V8 was also available. Three and four speed manuals were on tap, as well as the Torqueflite Borg-Warner automatic. Given that this is the top-trim Regal, it most likely has the automatic.

From this angle it really evokes the US B-Body sedans of this vintage, except for the rear end styling.


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