Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Chevrolet Caprice Police Car – Real or Fake?

As soon as I saw this Chevy Caprice “police car” posted by Roshake at the Cohort, my BS meter’s pointer started swinging into the brown zone. Even at first glance, it looks too perfectly curated, what with the various identification on the door still intact, right down to the “To Protect And To Serve”, as well as just the “POLICE” sign. Cop cars are de-badged before they’re sold, and I believe it’s illegal to actually have a “Police” sign on your car, at least in some places.

Then there’s the interior.

That’s not the interior that genuine police Caprices came with; it was a tough nubby fabric on simple seats; no central arm rest. And a glimpse of the rear seat in another shot shows the same nice velour as in front. Um no; perps did not ride on velour.

The wheels look a bit narrow to me too, but I could be wrong on that account.

I suppose this is something like the Hungarian version of all those Andy Griffith tribute Fords.