Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Citroen CX Break – Slammed

Shots like this of a CX Break down on its knees–or is it on its stomach?–invariably slay me. Now more than ever, given how tall cars have become; too bad there’s not more others in the picture to enhance the contrast.

Roshake77 found this one in Budapest. It reminds me of this:

Yeas, it’s a photoshop, of course. But if the Dodge had a suspension like the CX, it would just be part of its repertoire.

And the other extreme would be this, like this one that Roger Carr found and wrote up here. This is the way suspensions should be, to cover all contingencies. And this is the way wagons should be, with a super-long wheelbase and vast amount of room in the back, including for a comfortable forward-facing third row seat, in the Familiale.


Roshake, if you see this, please get a new phone or camera; so many of your shots are hazy/fuzzy and not good enough to use, unless I absolutely can’t resist, as in this case.