Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Ford Consul (1972-1975) Coupe – The European Torino

We’re going to continue our tour of Corey Behrens’ finds in Amsterdam. It may look mighty American in its styling, but comparing it to the Golf Polo next to it quickly dispels any further thought of it being the real thing. What we have here is a Ford Consul, which was the low-end variant of the European Ford Granada Mk 1. That was the first jointly-developed large car from Ford in Europe, replacing the British Zephyr and the German P-7.

And needless to say, the Granada and Consul had a decidedly American vibe to them. That would be the last time for that, as the successor, the 1977 Granada Mk II, had crisp and tight styling that any American Ford of the time could only hope to aspire to.

According to the license plate look-up, this is a Consul 1700. But the data from that search not only didn’t give the date of its manufacture or model year, it was also incorrect as to the numbers of cylinders, which it stated as being six. Not so: the Consul 1700 was powered by the 1699cc version of the Cologne V4, the same basic engine as also used in Saab V4s and previous German Fords going back to the 12M.

From this angle, the back half also has a decided Mustang II vibe. Maybe this would have made a better platform for that car; certainly its 107″ wheelbase would have solved the ridiculous overhangs of the MII due to its much too short 96″ wheelbase.