Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Ford Fairmont – The Ur Fox

shot in Mexico City by RiveraNotario


The Fox program started out as a replacement for three cars: the Pinto, Maverick and Mustang. Once its 105′ wheelbase was established, it was too big too be a Pinto replacement; that was given over to the Escort. And then it was planned for it to be a world car, to be built in Europe and Latin America, and Australia too? But it turned out that in Europe, Ford’s car plants were set up for the engine to be lifted up into the engine bay from below, whereas in the US the engines were dropped down from above. It would have cost more to change all the plants than to just have the Europeans have their own car.

But who at Dearborn back in 1975 or so would have guessed that the Fox would spawn such a wide and long line of offshoots? Nobody.


The Fox era was long and huge, but it’s finally coming to an end, mostly. There will be Mustangs and a few others around for posterity, but as regular cars on the streets, the numbers are getting mighty thin. I haven’t seen a Fairmont in too long. It’s good to know that this one in Mexico City is still at it.